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Glencoe Animal Shelter


Welcome to the Glencoe Animal Shelter!

Glencoe Animal Shelter is a local area shelter who is working hand in hand with the Glencoe Community to save one furry friend 's life at a time.
Our purpose is to teach animal awareness and to help all of our homeless fur babies find their new "Forever Home".

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Our shelter is a very small facility with a lot of love to give to all of our furry companions who have found themselves "Thrown Away".  These animals are loving fur babies have a lot of love to give and are just asking for the opportunity to join their new "Forever Families".
We are striving very hard to save the lives of our furry friends one life at a time.  We are looking for new adoptive parents who are looking for their "Forever Fur Companion".  If you are looking for a furry companion please consider stopping by our facility and looking at all of our beautiful furry kids.

Our Hours:

Monday - Friday 8am -4pm


Looking for my Forever Family.
Glencoe Animal Shelter
201 W. Chastain Blvd
Glencoe, AL  35905

Phone: (256) 492-1424

I'm not sure why I ended up here, I am a very good friend.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

201 W. Chastain Blvd.
Glencoe, AL  35905